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Horse Riding Seychelles


*All Prices are excluding and subject to 15% VAT indicated with +*

*All rides and excursions are planned around the tides which change daily. Please book for the day you wish to attend and a confirmation email with all starting times and other relevant details will be sent to you. Please ensure you fill out the booking form in complete. See you in the saddle!


Beach Ride

  • 1 Hour – The one hour ride leads out from the Tropical jungle trail filled with the scent of cinnamon and Ylang Ylang flowers onto Barbarons Beach where there is always a chance of spotting some beautiful reef fish or the occasional stingray swimming past you at the waters edge.

Price: €90+ per person.

Places are limited to 2 pax per ride per day or three beginner riders if being led by a groom, until further notice.

Persons age 6-15 will have to be led no matter the level of experience. 

Beginners will be led. Novice riders will be allowed to ride alone but a guide will be present on the ground to aid with controls if needed. All other levels of riders will follow the Guide’s horse riding unassisted.


  • 2 Hour – Two hour ride is truly spectacular as it winds through the tropical jungle, along Barbarons beach and connects to Grand Anse beach through a beautiful lime green and aqua coloured lagoon with huge megalith granite rocks. Grand Anse is a long scimitar shaped beach with breathtaking sea and mountain views allowing some great opportunities for a few long canters. This ride is recommended for Intermediate, Strong Intermediate or Advanced riders.

Price: €160+ per person

Surcharge for Beginners and Novices: €60+

  Nothing compares to Horse Riding on Seychelles Beaches!




 Tropical Trail Ride

  • 40 Minutes: This ride takes you along the lush tropical forest trail where you can glimpse turquoise water while passing through an old cinnamon and coconut plantation.

Price: €60+ per person.

Places are limited to 2 pax per ride per day or three riders if being led by a groom.

    Nothing compares to Horse Riding in Seychelles!



Mystical Mountain Waterfall and Picnic Ride

Join us on a discovery along beautiful long stretches of white powder sand beaches that meander up to a mystical mountain, surrounded by pure nature, where a huge cascading waterfall waits for you to take a refreshing plunge into a emerald green divinity pool followed by a scrumptious picnic.

Duration of excursion 5 hours with 3.5 hours riding and 1.5 hours relaxing, enjoying a picnic, swimming and exploring the surrounds. This is a technical ride and suitable for the adventurous at heart with riding level of intermediate or above. Ensure to bring proper trainers or hiking shoes. The Ultimate Seychelles Adventure.   

Price: €600+ per couple







 Romantic Picnic for Couples

Our Flagship product is truly exclusive and a unique, once in a life time opportunity to indulge in horses, champagne and a beautiful sunset. Romantic picnic dates are arranged on a very private and secluded beach where you’ll be left with your loved one to enjoy a special romantic date. Ideal for Honeymoon dates, Engagements, Birthdays or any occasion including sun-downers.

Limited to one Package of 2 pax per day.

Catering provided by Avani Seychelles to tantalize your senses.


   Enjoy a 40 minute Topical Trail ride followed by a bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne and a tasty tray of Tapas.

Price: €400+ per couple


  • Tamarind Pad Thai rolls
  • Chicken Spring rolls/Thung thong
  • Smoked Salmon, crème cheese/Prawn toast


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Photo Shoots… Honeymoon, Wedding or any Occasion!







 Add a fairy tale element to your wedding by combining the beautiful island backdrop with majestic Appaloosa horses. Capture the innocence of bride and horse in your enchanting wedding or honeymoon photo shoot.

Packages are tailor made to your requirements.

Price: €150+ per hour per horse. Excluding photographer.

Price of Photographer for 1 hour: €250+. Includes 15 edited photos and all other pics taken. Please provide a 8 gig or above flash drive.

Join us at a nearby secluded and idyllic private beach to use one or two horses for an unforgettable photo shoot. 

Please contact us so we may discuss and plan your tailor made photo shoot. 

Best time for this excursion is in the golden hour, roughly between 5-6pm.



Our horses are available for use in the film industry from short stories to reality TV programs. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Price per hour per horse: €250+


 Horse Riding lessons

Ever wanted to learn how to ride and connect with these magnificent animals? Join us in this relaxed jungle setting for lessons in Natural Horsemanship and Riding. Lessons can be adjusted for all ages above 10 years and all levels of experience and confidence. Lessons will include but not limited to the following: Safety, handling, groundwork, tacking up, grooming, body language and behavior, breeding ( husbandry )and stable management.

Price: SCR650+ per hour


Lead Riding

This is a short 15 minute lead ride through the jungle for anyone who would like to have a first time experience on horseback and is not confident to ride alone. A handler will be controlling the horse from the ground. Adults and children welcome. Young children will however be led around in a safe arena for the duration of this ride. From ages 4 years and older.

 Price:  €20+ or SCR300+ 


Birthday Party Venue

Celebrate your child’s special day, horsing around! Experience this unique party concept with real four-footed party animals! With our beautiful horses we aim to provide a fun-filled and exciting event that will give your child an experience they won’t forget. Shaded venue with safe riding arena. All parties are supervised and attended by experienced handlers and we supply European standard hard hats. Please contact us to create a memorable day! Activities include lead rides, grooming and touching horses, American Indian style horse painting and photo-shoots. Gazebo, rustic benches and party table provided. Bathrooms and changing facilities available.

Price: 1-5 children 2h   SCR3000+

Price: 1-10 children 3h   SCR4500+


What to bring along for all excursions.

We would like all our clients to have a memorable experience, so for your comfort please bring along the following:

  • Long pants/trousers to prevent saddle chaffing.
  • Closed shoes that won’t slip off your feet.
  • Apply sunscreen and bring along extra.
  • Camera.
  • Light weight rain jacket. We do ride in the rain so if it looks likely please bring this with. Riding in the rain is a mystical and calming experience bringing you and your mount closer and in tune. The weather is always warm so we find the rain refreshing.

Riding helmets and sweat nets are supplied and are compulsory.

Our riding style



We are a natural horsemanship establishment and horse riding trail operator. Our main aim is to be as comfortable to both horse and rider using a holistic approach to the wellbeing of both. If you are inexperienced or lack confidence we will be there to guide you and offer good instruction before you head out on the trail and will continue to do so until you feel confident.

Our Tack

We use bit and bitless bridles depending on your riding experience.

We have carefully selected our western trail saddles made by Fabtron, the leading trail saddle manufacturer in the USA, who supplies many top trail businesses around the world. These saddles are made from high quality cordura and leather making them ideal for our climate. Furthermore they are constructed around a Ralide flex tree insuring correct spread and balance of weight across the horses back. The seats are padded for your comfort. The saddles are fitted with a horn to aid with mounting and provide security for inexperienced riders.



Turquoise Horse Trails Horses are fed exclusively on Equi-Feeds, the leading horse feed manufacturer in South Africa.